New and Improved Green Web Hosting Directory from the Green Web Foundation

Screenshot of the Green Web Foundation’s hosting directory

The Green Web Foundation has recently redesigned their green web hosting directory. Previously the directory was a useful resource for finding hosting platforms that at least claim some sustainable credentials but, as I’ve noted before the information provided by each web host was somewhat limited. From the directory alone it was impossible to discern which providers could claim to be running on renewable energy rather than buying carbon offsets, for instance, or which providers were doing the bare minimum of box-ticking, as opposed to making sustainability a key part of their offering. Finding a truly green web host is hard!

The revamped directory prioritises some key improvements, as Chris Adams explains in his blog post introducing the changes. Firstly, you can now filter hosting providers by country and by the type of hosting you require, as different users understandably might have very different hosting needs.

Secondly, providers are encouraged to include supporting evidence for their green claims, which is published in the directory with their listing. Good supporting evidence is something that would make me much more inclined towards giving my money to a company on the list.

Thirdly, listings without supporting evidence display a call to action button, offering companies and users to help improve the listing by submitting a correction or nudging the company into action. This is a great collaborative step, and I hope people will use it to encourage companies to be more transparent about their claims.

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