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Optimizing a Vue App

Prioritizing performance when building our web apps improves the user experience and helps ensure they can be used by as many people as possible. In this article we’ll walk through some of the front-end optimization tips to keep our Vue apps as efficient as possible.

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  • Find Me On Mastodon

    Like many watching from the sidelines of Twitter’s rapid implosion, I’ve finally migrated to Mastodon. You can find me at @michelle@front-end.social.

  • Web Sustainability Resources

    While there’s plenty to occupy the web community this week in the form of Twitter imploding, something far more important is also going on right now: the COP27 climate summit, taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh, where world leaders gather to hammer out agreements to (hopefully) limit catastrophic climate change.

  • Handy Tools For Mocking API Requests

    In the course of my work I sometimes find myself needing to mock API requests — often when I’m prototyping, or testing a concept for an article. There are a couple of useful (free) tools I reach for on these occasions.

  • Sustainable Web Development Strategies Within an Organization

    Climate change and sustainability are increasing concerns for digital organizations, as well as individuals working in tech. In this article for Smashing Magzine, we explore some of the ways we can raise awareness and effect change within an organization to create a more positive environmental impact.

  • CSS Halftone Patterns

    A little while ago, Ana Tudor created an impressive collection of halftone patterns using only CSS. As I had a little time to spare, I thought I’d dig into the code and see how it was done! Ana’s demos are made using Sass — what better way to learn than to try to produce similar effects using vanilla CSS?

  • Web Sustainability and the Ethical Dilemma

    Last week I had the privilege of participating in Smashing Conference in Freiburg. One of the standout sessions was from Asim Hussain, of the Green Software Foundation, who talked about what a Net-Zero strategy means for organisations building websites. It was interesting to hear about the challenges of measuring the carbon emissions of a website, and the many different aspects that must be considered while doing so.

  • Detecting CSS Selector Support

    You might already be aware of how we can use feature detection in CSS to check whether a particular property and value combination is supported. This is a pretty smart way to go about writing robust CSS that caters for users with a whole range of browsers and devices with different capabilities, and is infinitely preferable to user agent sniffing. We can check whether a browser supports aspect-ratio, say, and provide a fallback in cases where lack of support would hamper the user experience.

  • Creative CSS Layout (and the Flexible Web)

    Hi friends! Way back in June (which already feels like such a long time ago in CSS land!) I had the pleasure of speaking about CSS layout at CSS Day conference. I’m pleased to say the video has now been published! Take a look to learn about a whole bunch of modern CSS layout techniques, with a few little tricks thrown in.

  • Creative List Styling

    What comes to mind when you think of a list? The most obvious example is a shopping list—the most simple of lists, a collection of items in no particular order. But we use lists in all sorts of ways on the web. A collection of upcoming concerts at a venue? Very likely a list. A multi-step booking process? Quite possibly a list. A gallery of images? Even that could be considered a list of images with captions.

  • A Handy Use For Cascade Layers

    I was just preparing a demo for an upcoming talk and it suddenly occurred to me that cascade layers would be a perfect solution to a problem I was having.

  • Quick Tip: Negative Animation Delay

    Here’s a tiny CSS tip for making staggered animations feel waaaay more natural: Negative animation delay. I’ve seen this idea shared by master CSS animators Jhey and Amit on separate occasions, and it’s such a neat little trick that it’s worth recording here!

  • Tech Workers and Climate Action

    Dave Rupert recently published a post expressing his frustration with the urgent case for action on climate change, and lack of co-ordinated policy action by the people in power. While much of the world suffers from extreme high temperures this summer, climate change has become a visible, tangible issue for many of us.

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