Useful Resources for Improving Your Site’s Performance (and Reducing Carbon Emissions)

There are lots of areas where better web performance and reducing carbon emissions overlap: faster websites are often less carbon-intensive ones. They transfer less data, cache efficiently, and make fewer requests, all of which reduce energy consumption.

I’ve been consolidating a bunch of resources for an upcoming talk on Building a Greener Web. Here are a few resources you might find useful for building faster (and greener) websites.

Reducing the Site-Speed Impact of Third-Party Tags

An article by web performance consultant Andy Davies on the performance impact of third party scripts and tags, and what we can do to mitigate them. I’ve used many of the tips in the article, with very successful results.

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How To Convert Variable TTF Font Files to WOFF2

Variable fonts can be great for performance. They enable us to load multiple weights and styles of a particular font from a single font file. Unfortunately a lot of them are only available as TTF files, which tend to be significantly larger than WOFF2, despite WOFF2 being well-supported. Henry DesRoches details how to use Google’s WOFF2 converter library to convert variable fonts from TTF to WOFF2.

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Cache Control for Civilians

If, like me, your knowledge of caching is pretty minimal, you could do worse than check out this article on cache-control headers by Harry Roberts. You’ll soon know your no-cache from your must-revalidate.

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