National Blog Posting Month

Day 1 of National Blog Posting Month #NaBloPoMo

Today I learned from Amy Hupe that November is National Blog Posting Month, or #NaBloPoMo, if you will. I’ve always liked the idea of posting one thing a day (blog post, tip, sketch, photo, whatever), even while secretly thinking that people who commit to that must have a few screws loose. There’s a sense of achievement that comes from forcing myself to generate some sort of creative output regularly though.

I absolutely don’t have time to write a blog post every day for a month, but what the hey, let’s try this anyway and see how far we get! I’m anticipating I’ll crack within a week, but you know what? THAT’S OK! Trying is what matters here. Probably most of what I share will be tiny tips, links and commentary on other peoples’ projects or articles I’ve come across, or maybe the odd demo. In-depth posts and tutorials aren’t something I can churn out quickly. But I’m seeing this as a chance to do what I’ve intended to do for a while, which is share less on social networking sites and more on my own blog. Own your own content, and all that.

To kick off with some inspiration, here are a few people who have posted daily (or regular) content that I think is cool.

Divtober by Lynn Fisher

Lynn Fisher, an awesome designer and CSS artist, regularly creates spectacular CSS illustrations with a single div. During the month of October she publishes one a day for #divtober, and provides drawing prompts so you can join her in the challenge.

Illustrations of an x-ray, a round flask and crystals, a crystal ball, and a glass jug filled with purple liquid with a spoon
A few single div illustrations by Lynn Fisher

100 Days of More or Less Modern CSS by Manuel Matuzović

Last year Manuel took on the challenge of getting himself up to speed with modern CSS. He did that by writing a blog post on a different CSS feature every day for 100 days(!). This has ended up as an awesome resource for learning about new (or new-ish) CSS features through concise and well-written articles.

Stefan Judis’s TIL

I often find myself on prolific writer Stefan Judis’s blog, which is packed with useful web development tips. I love that he has a whole Today I learned section, full of quick blog posts where he shares his learnings. These kind of blog posts are a gift to your future self, and something I’d like to get back to doing a bit more. Great inspiration for a month of blogging!

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