Introducing the Web Sustainability Guidelines

Text: Introducing the web sustainability guidelines. W3C Sustainable Web Design (SustyWeb) Comminity Group

The Sustainable Web Design Community Group has just launched a draft set of guidelines for designing and developing sustainable web applications. Covering design, UX, front and back end development, and business strategies, these guidelines have been months in the making, with contributions from experts and breakout groups from across the industry.

The document could form the basis of a checklist for implementing sustainable web products, or individual practitioners could isolate the parts that apply to them. Rather than providing too much detail, it features links to resources where designers and developers can explore particular areas in depth and further their understanding. The hope is that individuals of all levels will be able to start building with sustainability in mind.

There’s also a scoring system showing the impact and effort of the various measures. Although the level of effort required is likely to vary depending on individuals’ expertise and the stage of the project, the guidelines could be useful in helping organisations deciding which areas to prioritise and focus resources.


The community group welcomes feedback and contributions to the guidelines. Join the group, or file an issue on Github. Hopefully by publishing a widely agreed upon set of guidelines we can increase the awareness adoption of sustainable web design practices.

Read the guidelines →

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