In Commission to No Emmissions: Videos from Toronto Web Performance Meetup

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Earlier this month I has the pleasure of speaking at a special green-themed edition of Toronto Web Performance Meetup (online). There were three of us speaking in all, each with a different take on how we as web developers can reduce our environmental impact.

Web Performance And The Planet

Fershad Irani spoke about how web performance relates to our site’s carbon emissions, and the concrete actions we can take to build our sites greener. His article analysing the COP26 website helped inspire my own article for CSS Tricks on website carbon budgets.

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Building a Greener Web

My own talk was about the wider context around reducing our website’s environmental impact, how we can convince stakeholders to make it a priority, and why individual action matters. I also talked about some of the things we can do beyond making our websites greener, as part of the wider community.

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The Carbon Footprint of Images

Jon A. Særetås talked about images on the web, and how we can reduce their environmental impact. His talk included some really interesting data, and some surprising details we don’t often consider — like the fact that many of our file live on in the cloud indefinitely, meaning they continue to consume resources.

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