Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there! I often receive email requests and unfortunately I don’t have time to respond personally to them all. So I’ve put together this list of FAQs, which might answer your questions! 😄

Why haven’t you replied to my email?

Great question! This blog is my side project, and I have a bunch of other time commitments. I try to reply to time-sensitive emails in a timely fashion, especially when they come from individuals with genuine questions. Emails from marketing departments slip waaaaay down the list of priorities, and will probably stay there. If you’ve emailed me and haven’t had a response yet, have a look through the questions below and see if my answers can help 🙂

Can you write an article for my online publication?

Maybe! I often write guest posts for other sites, such as Codrops, Smashing and CSS Tricks. Unfortunately all that doesn’t leave me with a lot of spare time! Some things that are make me more likely to write for you:

  1. You pay well.
  2. You pay on time.
  3. I can write about something I’m interested in.
  4. Your brand/publication aligns with my personal values.
  5. You have a large enough audience to make it worthwhile.

If you think you fit the bill, drop me an email.

Can I write a guest post for CSS { IRL }?

No, sorry! This blog is written entirely by me and me alone, and I have no plans to change that. I don’t earn enough from it to pay guest writers a fee, and I don’t have the time to vet other people’s content.

Can I advertise my product/service on your site?

Probably not. I have a small spot reserved for advertising, other than that I’m not interested in cluttering up my site with ads. But if it’s a service I already use and love, and you’re offering decent compensation, I might make an exception.

Can you add a link to my site/post/tutorial in your article?

I will always endeavour to publish corrections to articles when the need arises, but generally I don’t go back and edit past articles to add additional links and resources, unless it’s something I think is really significant and worthwhile. Honestly, if it’s that good I’ll probably write another blog post about it. So feel free to ask, but as a rule, generally not. If it’s purely a marketing thing disguised as valid content then consider it a “no”.

Can you write an article or review about my product/service/event?

Feel free to ask. If it blows my mind then maybe I’ll consider it. If you don’t hear from me, it’s probably not something that’s piqued my interest. Either that or I’m too busy.

Can you speak at my event/conference?

I usually speak at a small handful of events each year, while trying not to over-commit. Feel free to reach out!

Can you help me with this very specific coding problem?

It depends on the request. If you’re an individual trying to make sense of something in one of my articles, I’ll do my best to clarify and offer suggestions. If it’s some work you’re doing on behalf of a company and you’d like my expertise, I’d be happy to provide consulting rates.

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CSS { IRL } is designed, written and developed by Michelle Barker, Senior Front End Developer at Ada Mode, working on web apps for the renewable energy industry. She is a prolific writer, creative coder and occasional speaker on web technologies, as well as being a CSS superfan.

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