Developer Decisions For Building Flexible Components

Smashing Magazine

One of the key skills of a front-end developer is to be able to take designs and turn them into code. These designs are often presented as static mock-ups, which visualize the “ideal” experience of browsing the website.

In the real world, content often differs vastly from the neat, perfectly fitting content presented in designs. Added to that, on the modern web, users have an ever-increasing range of options for how they access the sites we build.

In this article, we’ll walk through the process of taking a seemingly simple design for a text-and-media component and deciding how best to translate it into code, keeping in mind the needs of both users and content authors. We’re not going to delve into how to code it — rather, the factors that will determine our development decisions. We’ll consider the questions we need to ask (both ourselves and other stakeholders) at every step.

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